This Is The Steeple

Why are Catholic churches in the U.S. so different from those in other countries and the movies? Aren’t they supposed to be open twenty-four hours so you can pray and commune with God any time you need to?

I mention this because after work I decided, rather than go have a couple of drinks before seeing Lindsay when she gets home from work, I’d go to St. Mary’sdowntown. I figured, what the hell: I’ll pray and confess (in prayer) my sins and cry in a church. That’s what they’re made for, and even though I’m no real believer, it’s better than crying around scientists.

The church was locked up tight, though. So I came home, which I didn’t want to do because I don’t want to sit here worrying for the next hour or two about what’s going to happen when she gets home. But that’s where I am.

I took another Xanax just to keep me calm. I don’t want this to get heated.

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