A Failure of Swiftness on A Failure of Generalship

The Wall Street Journal (sub. req’d, those mofos) is a bit tardy to the story of ArmyLieutenant Colonel Paul Yingling’s blistering critique (”A failure in generalship,”Armed Forces Journal, May 2007) of America’s generals.

I think, and, according to the WSJ article, junior officers concur, his critique is generally true, especially when it focuses on generals’ responsibilities to provide accurate assessments and advice to America’s political leadership and public and recognize the changing paradigm in warfare — the shift from conventional warfare to COIN in Iraq, for instance.

And that’s not to mention the flawed promotion system for officers. As one officer is quoted in the article as saying, “As long as I don’t get a DUI or fornicate on my boss’s desk, I will be promoted with my peers.” And, as Lt. Col. Yingling says in a pull-out quote, “As matters stand now, a private who loses his rifle suffers far greater consequences than a general who loses a war.”

Yeah, we need to eliminate those discrepancies.

Anywho, it’s a good story — if only you could read it. (I get a former co-worker’s, whose subscription is still delivered to my office though he’s been gone for a month now, copy of the paper.)

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