Strama Goes Pee-Pee

I just wanted to add one golden nugget to Vince’s post on House Bill 416 by Rep. Mark Strama, which allows people with certain medical conditions to use employee-only bathrooms.

Watching on TV, one could overhear a discussion going on at the back mic in which a woman says, “Ask it right before he closes. It’s an important question.” I figured it would be some make-it-or-break-it moment or maybe someone had found a legitimate question (unlike Rep. “Not In My Bathroom ‘Cause That’s Where My Purse Is” Riddle).

Just as Strama moved passage, Rep. Anchia asked him to yield.

He then asked, “Rep. Strama, I know you’ve been accused of having a big government bill here, but isn’t it true that you just want to let your people go?”


And, thus, another day on the Texas House floor comes to an end.

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