Zach Braff & Lysistrata (Not related)

Finally! Someone has put my feelings about Zach Braff — who, contrary to the article below, seems to me is really speaking to the high school/college freshman crowd rather than twenty-somethings — down on Internet bandwidth.

A few choice lines from the Slate column:

“If Zach Braff is the voice of my generation, can’t someone please crush his larynx?

. . .

What has Braff’s keen ear picked up about the nation’s young people? IfGarden State is to be believed, they spend their days squinting and staring wistfully while slowly learning that it’s OK to feel and, like, live. When they do speak, yearbook quotes come out. For example: ‘Maybe that’s all family really is. A group of people who miss the same imaginary place.’

. . .

Braff’s doofy looks also help him seem accessible. His face doesn’t have the clean, angular lines that usually denote manly movie stardom. He’s more like a Claymation version of a matinee idol, with pinchable cheeks and permanently raised eyebrows.”

Check out the rest at Slate’s “Why I hate Zach Braff” by Josh Levin.

In other news, Colombian gang-members’ wives and girlfriends have called off their Lysistrata strike against gang violence — that is, they refused to have sex with their boyfriends/husbands until they stopped fighting. A security officer dubbed the use of such a potent (!?) act as women utilizing their “very noble weapons.”

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