The Sad Thing About the Terror Arrests

When I hear of these arrests of terrorist suspects, I’d like to be happy and confident in our (or, in this case, the Brits’) intelligence and law enforcement abilities. But, unfortunately, I just can’t summon the trust — for either government — to truly believe the arrests were made on certain information and weren’t merely trumped-up cases being used for political gain. It’s hard to tell the difference anymore.

I’m cynical, I guess.

If we’re fighting a war, I’d just like to feel like we were really fighting it and not just putting on a stage-show version. But it looks like we’ve settled for only the latter so far — from the mismanagement of the post-conflict in Iraq to their justifications offered here. I want to believe we’re fighting a good fight in a moral way. I want to believe we are inflicting damage on our enemies and not our friends or those we’d like to have as friends or those we’d not like to have as friends but who aren’t involved.

But I’ve lost faith in the two beacons of freedom — the United States and British governments. I know our military personnel are doing all they can considering the incompetent civilian leadership above them.

I hope we get enough information about these suspects to be satisfied of their guilt. ‘Course, it’d be nice to be able to rely on my government not to completely spin any fact with which they come in contact.

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