A/C in the Summer but Not in April?

So it’s 100 degrees outside, the power is out in Austin and around the state and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is in a state of emergency.

But our police officers continue to roll right through the dead streetlights — not bothering to get out and direct traffic. When I called APD’s non-emergency line to report that APD Car 6302 went through a dead stoplight without pulling over to direct traffic, the rude dispatcher claimed there aren’t enough officers in Austin to do that — and that the cop, which I followed up to the Capitol, might have been on an emergency call.

So, I followed it up with a call to my city councilwoman, Betty Dunkerley, whose staff member was very nice and took my complaints seriously.

I’m sorry. We’re able to field 50 cops to patrol Sixth Street on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but we don’t have enough to direct traffic when major traffic lights (like the one at Riverside and Congress, where I witnessed the cop roll through) go dark during rush hour? Yeah, right.

This happens every time lights go out. It’s time that APD start serving and protecting.

(As an aside, I wonder how Texans can run their A/Cs all summer long without having power outages but we can’t run even a few more than usual today without everything going kaput.)

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