[Jun. 8th, 2005|08:59 am]

A friend sent me the following last night, and I thought it was interesting enough to share:

I realize the comparison below might be overly dramatic, but it’s hard
not to feel a chill.

“Texans have made a decision about marriage and if there is some other
state that has a more lenient view than Texas then maybe that’s a
better place for them (gay and lesbian families) to live.” –Gov. Rick Perry, speaking on June 5, 2005, in Fort Worth, Texashttp://www.nbc5i.com/news/4572168/detail.html

“The Jews’ possibilities for living are to be curtailed, and not simply
in an economic sense. Germany must be for them a country without a
future . . . so that the stimulus to emigrate remains acute.” –Reinhard Heydrich, speaking as a deputy chief of the Nazi SS in 1934,
eight years before he became the leading planner of the “Final

Interesting, no?

UPDATE: And the case just gets worse. Turns out, Gov. Perry’s comments were in response to a question from a reporter regarding gay and lesbian soldiers returning to Texas and not being able to marry (or otherwise enjoy equal rights). So, Gov. Perry essentially just told gay and lesbians soldiers that he’d rather not having them spending money in his state. Check out The Dallas Morning News’ opinion.

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