(music) live from iraq

I’ve got to point everyone in the direction of www.4th25.com. These soldiers with the 1st Cav at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, have released an album recorded in Iraq about their experiences there.

The Dallas Morning News ran a story on them on Saturday. As their Web site notes, though, it appears The Killeen Daily Herald broke the story.

At 4th25’s site, I urge you to download and check out their video, if you have a strong stomach. They also offer links to two-minute samples of each song on the album.

Technology is amazing. This may be the first time soldiers have ever been able to fully record an album on the battlefield. (I say “may” because I think music has tended to develop along with technology, in many ways.)

UPDATE: After listening to a few of their songs, I’ve determined that these guys will probably make a million dollars off this album. And they deserve every penny.

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