[May. 19th, 2005|04:41 pm]

A couple more good stories from The New York Times today. The first is on new reports from generals in Iraq giving a more realistic view of the situation on the ground there. A selection of quotes follows, but I suggest you read the full story.

Quotes from Generals Offer a Sober Outlook on Iraqi War )

The second story covers President Bush’s visit to the International Republican Institute, where he gave a speech urging Americans (and Iraqis, one assumes) to have patience when it comes to building fledging democracies.

I won’t quote this story, but, after reading it, I think you’ll agree with me that it’s quite odd that President Bush is now asking Americans and the rest of the world for patience when all us anti-war folks (you know, the millions who were in the streets around the world in the run-up to the attack on Iraq) were urging him to be patient in disarming Saddam Hussein (or, at least, to have the patience to allow the United Nations inspection teams to finish their mission) before launching preemptive war.

Somehow, I don’t feel any compulsion to give President Bush any leeway on this issue. He started it, he can deal with it and he can go down in history for being the dumbass that started it all. More importantly, though, I sorta feel like his comments are merely those of a focus group member.

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