[Mar. 2nd, 2005|11:41 pm]

This is scary:

JUSTICE SCALIA: And when somebody goes by that monument, I don’t think they’re studying one of the commandments. It’s a symbol of the fact that government comes — derives its authority from God. And that is, it seems to me, an appropriate symbol to be on State grounds.

–From today’s Supreme Court argument in Van Orden v. Perry.

No, Justice Scalia. In a democracy, the government derives its authority from the people. In a theocracy (or some divine-right monarchy in the fourteenth century), the government derives its authority from God. You stupid fuck.

Why am I surrounded by incompetence?

I also liked this:

MR. CHEMERINSKY: And as I was saying in response to Justice Kennedy’s question, imagine the Muslim or the Buddhist who walks into the State Supreme Court to have his or her case heard. That person will see this monument and realize it’s not his or her government.
JUSTICE SCALIA: I thought Muslims accept the Ten Commandments.
MR. CHEMERINSKY: No, Your Honor, the Muslims do not accept the sacred nature of the Ten Commandments, nor do Hindus, or those who believe in many gods, nor of course, do atheists. And for that matter, Your Honor, if a Jewish individual would walk by this Ten Commandments, and see that the first commandment isn’t the Jewish version, I am the Lord, thy God, took you out of Egypt, out of slavery, would realize it’s not his or her government either.

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