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Military Values Group Urges Support for Dunnam’s HB 3345 ‘Homefront
Heroes’ Program

March 27, 2005

Contact: William Pate

Defending America’s Integrity Alliance (DAIA) urges citizens and
lawmakers to support a program proposed by state Rep. Jim Dunnam,
D-Waco, to help military families that have servicemembers overseas
with monthly bills, child care and job training. The program,
‘Homefront Heroes,’ is proposed in House Bill 3345 authored by Rep.

“The ‘Homefront Heroes’ program is an important indicaton of Texans’
support for their military families and, therefore, the state’s
military installations,” said DAIA President William Pate. “With the
current round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) in the offing,
efforts such as Rep. Dunnam’s bill show Texans’ dedication to their
military communities,” he said.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says, “BRAC 2005 should be the means
by which we reconfigure our current infrastructure into one in which
operational capacity maximizes both warfighting capability and
efficiency.” BRAC aims to “eliminate excess physical capacity; the
operation, sustainment, and recapitalization of which diverts scarce
resources from defense capability,” according to Secretary Rumsfeld.

“Military communities are an important part of Texas’ culture and
economy,” said DAIA Deputy Director Lindsay Wolin. “More importantly,
though, we’re helping families whose breadwinners are overseas
fighting for our liberty. It’s the least we can do to show our state’s
appreciation for the sacrifices of our soldiers and our military

House Bill 3345 is in the state House Defense Affairs & State-Federal
Relations Committee.


The Defending America’s Integrity Alliance is a group of citizens who
promote and defend the United States Armed Forces’ Core Values in
American society.

William O. Pate II
Defending America’s Integrity Alliance

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