[Jan. 16th, 2005|02:03 am]

Okay, first, an explanation (which those of you who are familiar with
my magazine subscriptions can skip — it’s mainly for Glenda anyway):

I first subscribed to Playboy earlier this year after moving into my
last apartment — before meeting Lindsay.

I still receive it. Lindsay looks at it more than me. I only read the
articles. Mainly.

Anyway, here’s the lead letter to the editor in this month’s issue and
my response to it (e-mailed to Playboy tonight).

Oliver Stone (Playboy Interview, November) is a fantastic director,
but I disagree with his political views. I am a member of the armed
forces and have been serving my country for the past seven years.
While I respect that Stone witnessed the horrors of Vietnam, I don’t
think the war in Iraq is comparable. September 11 was a modern-day
Pearl Harbor that needed a response like Hiroshima. It becomes harder
for soldiers in Iraq to serve if the American people are condemning
our being there. Stone says most soldiers “just follow orders, but
some step up.” It’s not a soldier’s job to step up – that sort of
attitude can get your fellow soldiers killed. I would prefer to be
away from my family in Iraq than to be a sitting duck in my own

Shana Svedberg
Whidbey Island, Washington


Someone should remind Ms. Shana Svedberg (Dear Playboy, “Oliver In A
Twist,” February 2005) that Saddam Hussein and Iraq had nothing to do
with the September 11 attacks — a fact that every investigation
(including the 9/11 Commission’s) has concluded and every government
official (including President Bush and, grudgingly, Vice President
Dick Cheney) has admitted. Let me add my voice to this choir: There
was no link between Iraq/Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attacks.

Her letter highlights a more saddening fact, though: the Bush
administration has utterly failed to provide a factual, convincing
argument in support of the war in Iraq. Even those doing the fighting,
God bless them, don’t fully understand the mess in which we’ve become

As a military brat from birth and a former member of the armed forces
myself, I don’t believe it is disrespectful or unsupportive of our
troops to point out the facts about the policies used to justify and
perpetrate unnecessary and costly conflicts. In fact, I believe the
exact opposite.

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