[Dec. 8th, 2004|01:59 pm]

I’ve just discovered a serious problem with Star Trek. I was sitting here watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, enjoying my first day off of the Christmas break and thought, “You know, the problem with Star Trek is that everything happens to their officers.” Like, on the one I was just watching, terrorists were able to capture the chief medical officer and the ship’s captain, Jean Luc Picard. I mean, I can understand if some of your lowly sailors (or spacers? astronauts?) get captured every now and again, but the captain of a Federation fucking flagship? That’s a bit far. The U.S.S. Enterprise must have, like, the worst officer history of the entire fleet. Every other episode someone’s having a nervous breakdown or getting kidnapped. It just seems ridiculous to me. I’m sure this has been mentioned before by others. I mean, I am watching reruns.


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