[Dec. 30th, 2004|06:39 pm]

A few year-end observations:

Has anyone else noticed that those who serve as sources or middle-men for consumers of illegal substances tend to be a bit self-important and egotistical? A friend of mine has progressively (from none to a lot in the time I’ve known him) gotten more and more heavy into supplying a certain white substance that was very popular in the ’80s (and seems to be making a comeback) to friends and others. Another friend has always been a big pothead and has probably always been a go-between for others’ purchases, but I’ve only recently discovered this activity. Both of these individuals’ M.O.s have become closer to a friend-gone-rockstar than a friend-making-some-side-cash-on-illegal-substances. It’s all about them now. “I’m a good guy to talk to . . .,” “So-and-so wants some stuff for NYE,” and regular tardiness are now common statements and friendship fouls.

Why does anyone pay attention to Britney Spears and others? We’ve been watching VH1’s year-end coverage (with the mute on while we play mp3s off our new iPod) rather compulsively, and I’ve just started wondering why anyone relies on these pop stars to serve as a role model (socially, aesthetically or otherwise). They showed a picture of Britney Spears leaving a public restroom barefoot. You can take the girl out of the Louisiana but you can’t take the Louisiana out of the girl. I mean, come on. So many of these teen entertainment powerhouses are little idiots with some moderate ability to attract the opposite sex (and the same sex) from small, crap-ass towns in backwards-ass states. If I went to Britney’s small Louisiana town and started emulating some high school chick that would serve as a good slump-buster but nothing more’s fashion, I’d look like an idiot, too, wouldn’t I? So why don’t all those people who like Brit’s look get the same criticism. Just because she has a bunch of money that she can spend on the same stupid shit she’d only wished she could have bought when she was in Louisiana doesn’t make her any more intelligent, fashionable or attention-worthy. Why do we let these people on TV who obviously have no sense of fashion/style/what’s hip/etc. control our airwaves? What are their credentials? Just because they get coffee for someone as a fashion magazine’s headquarters DOES NOT give them the experience, knowledge or credibility to spout their opinions on television. Wake up, people!

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