Birthday fun!

So my birthday was yesterday. I heard they held a huge parade for me downtown replete with Corvettes and veterans waving to the kids. I didn’t attend, though. Apparently, in some huge mess-up, City Hall forgot to invite the parade’s guest of honor — me. Invitation probably got lost in the move from the old city hall to the new one. Oh, well. It was a nice gesture in any case.

On a more serious note, I went to school, got my teeth drilled (I’ve been to the dentist about six times in the last two weeks trying to get as much work done as possible before I lost my dental insurance yesterday) and went home to take out the piles of trash Lindsay had made for me while cleaning the apartment in preparation for our visitors and friend’s arrival.

My parents; Matthew; Glenda, Lindsay’s mom, and Brian came. My sister was at work and her husband, Brandon, is back in Iraq. We then went out to eat at a cheap little tacqueria on the Eastside that Brian and I found. Everyone got to see Lindsay’s hybrid — and, boy, do they love it, as do I. (She lets me drive it a lot. My girlfriend is awfully nice to me.)

Afterwards, we went to Halcyon where we had a drink each (almost). Then home and to bed.

I had a bad dream that Lindsay didn’t love me any more and woke up in the most awful horror and sadness last night. I’m pretty sure that I woke her up in the middle of the night (I’m assuming this isn’t part of the dream) and asked her if she still loved me because I’d had a bad dream where she didn’t. She reassured me that, of course, she loves me, and I fell back asleep. It was an awful feeling that haunted me for most of the morning. It was nice getting rid of it.

Anyway, apparently Lindsay and my boss at work, Sam, had bad dreams last night as well. Strange.

This was rather pointless, but, whatever.

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