william safire is an idiot

William Safire never fails to up the ante on his own idiocy. Even in a tight match like this presidential election, he can’t help but slap down a handful more chips on the table to prove his own notions of the world ridiculous.

In his latest New York Times column, he lambasts the Kerry-Edwards campaign for making Dick Cheney’s daughter’s lesbianism an issue. The crux of his complaint? Well, as others have said, “it’s unfair to try to turn off and keep from the polls Republican voters by exposing the hypocrisy of their leaders.” Um. Wait. I thought that was the point. Just like the Republicans in Nevada and elsewhere who tear up Democrats’ voter registration forms. In fact, I thought that was the point of elections every four years: prove that the other guy is a hypocrite, incompetent or some other bad thing; convince his supporters that no dumbass like him could remain in office and win on Nov. 2nd.

Now, I understand that Safire is doing what he usually does — whore himself to the Republican powers-that-be. But, Jesus Christ, isn’t there a better way to go about it?

You want to know who made Mary Cheney an issue in this election? Mary Cheney. She’s been an “out” lesbian for a long damn time, she’s worked in GLTB outreach, she works on her father’s campaign and she’s allowed him to use her when it is politically advantageous to the Bush-Cheney re-election. Sucks, doesn’t it? Being part of a political campaign in a highly volatile season, that is. Yep, you give your sexual orientation up to your side to use as proof of your compassion and understanding and then it’s thrown in your face when the other camp notes the hypocrisy and narrowmindedness of your leaders. Sucks. Somebody call the WAAAAMMMMMBULANCE.

Hey, Lynne Cheney, you want to be angry at a “tawdry political trick”? Look at your husband and yourself. Hey, Dick “Angry Father” Cheney, are you angry at yourself? You’re the ones using your daughter as a campaign prop, like a cardboard cut-out of a character for a new movie. Fuck, that’s even worse than being a lesbian.

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