Letters to the Editor matter!

Responses to my recent letter to the editor of the Blanco County News
(my letter can be found here):

Dear Editor
Catching up with Blanco News after a trip to Utah and Colorado, I was
dismayed to find three letters critical of Patrick Rose, our
hard-working representative. I, too, noticed bias and wondered if
there were any Washington GOP fingerprints on those letters.
William O. Pate (6 October) more than adequately countered April
Klepack’s right wing position, agreed with Jonas Nelson’s anti-tuition
deregulation sentiments for which Nelson can’t blame Patrick, but the
GOP lege.
I write to commend William Pate for his well-written letter and to add
my two cents’ worth on the Democrats’ honorable attempts to block the
Tom Delay redistricting puppet dance of Governor Perry and those
expensive special sessions. In totality, those special sessions
proclaim the absence of leadership and the poor judgment of the
Governor and the legislators!
Patrick and fellow democrats were working for their constituents, NOT
Tom Delay and Washington’s Carl Rove. They showed courage, integrity
and leadership! Qualities absent our present administration, since
nothing has been done to fix the Texas school funding mess.
…Does anyone care???
Bill Godden
Blanco, Tx.

Dear Editor,
It is troubling to see that those with political agendas, either for
or against candidates, would air their views in a letter to the
editor. Last week there were three such letters. They amounted to
political advertising. I am surprised that the Blanco News published
them. If one is so interested in a candidate, they might consider
joining his campaign as a volunteer, or simply buying an ad in the
Blanco News. Writing a letter to the editor is tilting the table for a
candidate, as the other candidates in a race have no guarantee of
equal time.
Perhaps if the Blanco News had an editor, these letters would not have
slipped by.
Neil C Swann
Blanco, TX

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