Monday, October 9, 2000
@ home        0825 hrs

    I haven’t updated in a while and I’m sorry.  It seems the more I go out the less I write.  It’s not that I don’t have enough time to jot something down for the site it’s just that I find I have less to say here.  Beats me. 

   Anyway, this weekend Mike Jasper invited me to the NetWits First Annual Convention here in Austin.  Not one to pass up a party, free beer, and the opportunity to speak to a girl he assured me to be beyond beautiful (take out “beyond” and you have her actual looks), I was there. 

   I hit the hotel around six o’clock Friday evening after receiving Jasper’s call, telling my coworker that a friend was in an accident and I needed to leave early, and clocking out early to hang with the NetWits.  It was cool the way I was accepted into the group so easily.  I’m not a NetWit and only knew a few of the people there aside from Jasper–Julie, Valerie, Erin.  Have to hand it to them for being such gracious drinkers. 

   Friday night we went down to Lovejoy’s off of Sixth Street after I took Julie and Erin to Rosie’s Tamale House for dinner.  Julie was in town from Kansas and Erin was twenty and in town from UNC.  After Lovejoy’s we ended up back at the hotel bar until it closed.  The issue then arose: Where are we getting the next beer?   We knew Jasper had a cooler of Lone Star in his hotel room, but he hadn’t shown his face since leaving Lovejoy’s to walk back to the hotel with Erin (good walk from Sixth down to Town Lake). 

   Anyway, we finally found him in CENSORED and were able to drink. That went on till four am Saturday morning.  The second day played out much the same except for the show the group put on after their banquet (and the midget story which will be posted tonight), and, once again, I didn’t get back to Erin’s room (where I ended up staying more than her–don’t worry, I paid her a bit of money to help out) till 4:00 am Sunday morning. 

   In the end, it was a great time.  I had a lot of fun.  It’s like… Life sucks but every once in a while it throws in these nice little bursts of happiness, energy, fun that makes it worth living.  My philosophy is slowly changing. 

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