Quitting another job.

    Monday, March 13, 2000
@ home            2022 hrs

   That’s right, friends, it’s that time again.  Time for William to quit his job!  Yes, I know it has only been three short months since I was last in the depths of unemployment.  Yes, I know.   I can see your eyes rolling now and your thoughts of my obvious stupidity falling out your ears.   I know.  Boy, do I know.

     Why, you ask, would I once again want to venture into the poverty unemployment inevitably brings with it?  And I say to you, my unenlightened, dear friends, because I can!  Quite simply, because I can!  And once you reach this level, this level where money no longer matters quite so much as time, then, then, you, too, will quit your boring, dead-end, going nowhere job. 

   Actually, it’s because my parents offered to pay for me to go to school fulltime.  Simple as that.  I’m a moocher, I know.  But I’m a moocher who doesn’t have to work his ass off eight hours a day, fight the metallic river of automobiles during rush hour, or deal with gay (both literally and metaphorically speaking) supervisors! 

   But enough of all that.  A few other recent goings-on:

  • Got my passport today. 

  • Parents and siblings are out of town all week for Spring Break.  House to myself. 

  • Still no updates on red-headed B&N girl.  Not even a name.  Maybe she’ll actually go to work one of these days.  (Unless she quit because she could!)

  • Saw Wonder Boys again.  Is Katie Holmes hot or is Katie Holmes hot?  (Just to annoy all of you who might be annoyed by that.)  Aside from Her Hotness, a very good movie. 

   Also, I know my recent entries haven’t been all that insightful, you don’t have to spell it out for me.  But one can’t go handing out the meaning of life every time one updates now, can one? 

   Some of you damn MFA people email me with hints on writing a short story, I damn suck at it. 

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