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Here are the comments ofrom my old AOL blog 1998-1999.

There are 20 entries to this guestbook.

Name: Over-protective Boyfriend
City: Austin, TX
Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.glacierweb.com/home/sign.cgi?willpate
Comments: Hi there. Just wondering what kind of homepage a guy with the nerve to call someone he’s never met overprotective would have…
Date: 14:53:52, July 05

Name: Teri
City: New Orleans
Country: last bastion of the Napoleonic Code
Homepage: http://
Comments: I was reminded of one of your past entries today. A friend related a story about his late father: At 18, Steve was working a sales job that his father didn’t approve of (his dad felt that the job was sleazy, and that Steve should be in college). After a particulary tough day without a single closed sale, Steve comes home and his dad is sitting out on the porch. His dad sees the dejection on Steve’s face and asks him what’s wrong. Thinking that he is going to receive some sage, fatherly wisdom (indeed, perhaps the words that would change his life) Steve tells him, ”Dad, I hate my job.” His father replies, ”Son, everybody hates their job.”
Date: 18:59:22, March 06

Name: Random Blonde
City: I can’t even think of a smart-ass reply for this. I need sleep
Country: Oh so wonderful-U S of A:. yawn..
Homepage: I have one. Not worth lookin’ at
Comments: I always get a really odd pleasure when I see you’ve added one of your thought sections. Your dry humor always amuses me. It’s seriously nice to see someone has a brain out there and is using it. ~Random commentator/blonde
Date: 22:27:28, February 27

Name: Tiare
City: Amherst
Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Museum/9180/
Comments: Hey dude, you’re awesome!
Date: 01:48:56, February 23

Name: Beca
Country: USA
Homepage: http://
Comments: thank you. thank you for having the courage to write this.
Date: 11:24:27, February 11

Name: JeNée
City: Panama City
Country: usa.
Homepage: http://
Comments: Will, whatever you end up doing, you’ll be good at it.
Date: 11:36:59, February 07

Name: Melissa
City: Lowell, MA
Country: USA
Homepage: http://
Comments: Love your web site! It tells me quite a bit about you.
Date: 00:04:58, February 06

Name: leigh
City: if you’re looking for me, i just left
Country: *sigh* if must know…australia
Homepage: http://
Comments: jess site….i got here thru mike’s page….jess to you for having an opinion, but hiss to the fact that you’re stuck in a job u hate. i know the feeling. get out now! get out before u go schiz! for what it’s worth though, you do *sound* nice =) and when u meet the one, you won’t even think twice about asking her out. ps. where is austin?
Date: 05:04:01, January 24

Name: Jackie
Country: USA
Homepage: http://
Comments: X I was here. (have pity on me, you dont’ know how late it is!)
Date: 01:05:38, January 20

Name: a*z
City: bennington -vermontish
Country: us
Homepage: http://www.bit-net.com/~fyr
Comments: i read some of your stuff. hmmm. i linked to you on my journal page, because your dec. 31st entry dealing with fate and love and all that brought up some thoughts in my mind. be proud. you inspired someone. {: ‘njoy.
Date: 18:53:31, January 16

Name: Kelly
City: S.F. Bay Area
Country: USA
Homepage: http://mypage.goplay.com/Kritter/
Comments: I like your work. It will be interesting to see if it changes any now that you have met the great Mike Jasper. It sounds like you had a good time. Enjoy Austin.
Date: 14:20:27, January 08

Name: Stephanie*
City: Taylor
Country: USA
Homepage: http://
Comments: Cool site…
Date: 19:27:06, December 27

Name: Sara
City: Austin, Texas!!!!
Country: USA, of course
Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/~prtybrd
Comments: You know, it is absolutely amazing the number of irate people that visit your page. It’s almost like the come here to get all worked up. And then they feel a need to insult your opinions or tell you how wrong you are, but what they don’t realize is that they are OPINIONS, and therefore CANNOT be wrong. Just thought I would sign so you know that someone out there did indeed enjoy the visit and the refreshing example of someone that for once in there life has looked around and made a decision on what they saw. Talk to you again soon!
Date: 22:49:54, December 19

Name: Candice
City: Leander! Woohoo! I love Leander, don’t you? (hehehaha)
Country: US of A
Homepage: http://members.aol.com/kytchnsync/index.html
Comments: Wow! This fine piece of technology works. It’s about time! Anyway, here I am, signing this thingy.. where’s my cookie? I like this site. It takes a REAL MAN to say the things you say. I don’t really wanna make this signing too long. I’ll see you around HERE, Homie G-String! Leander is PHAT, yo! You’ll recognize! *sarcasm* 😉
Date: 20:00:30, November 30

Name: Jess
City: Biloxi
Country: USA
Homepage: http://
Comments: Hey Will!! What’s up? Your page is very opinionated. But that’s how I like it! Keep up the good work! Loves ya Jess! =Þ
Date: 18:48:10, November 10

Name: maria
City: new york
Country: USA
Homepage: http://members.xoom.com/dilatory
Comments: so, i’m not in the links anymore. explain?
Date: 10:23:37, November 07

Name: Mike Jasper
City: Austin
Country: Texas
Homepage: http://www.mikejasper.com/
Comments: Will… thanks for all of your support. Hook ’em Horns!
Date: 05:35:44, October 18

Name: Eka
City: wonderful Austin
Country: here
Homepage: http://
Comments: Hey Will, you finally got a guestbook. Yeah! Well, talk to you later. Eka
Date: 14:45:53, October 08

Name: Laurie
Country: Hell (Bosaks not excluded)
Homepage: http://
Comments: A guestbook, eh? I guess that means I’m a guest. And if so, where are the goddamn refreshments?
Date: 18:19:35, October 05

Name: Dane
City: San Antonio, TX
Country: US of A
Homepage: http://members.aol.com/dongnong/index11.html
Comments: Jeah. I am glad you decided to remain a Master of the Universe, through which all things are possible. Nice page. Keep up the good work ma’ man. Oh, Mr. Box has a special message for your page. . . 😉 Jeah, Jeah.
Date: 14:39:52, October 04

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