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November 1, 1998
This is the “Fuck Introspection” entry. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, I guess. Not intentionally, I don’t think. Unless I was refraining from doing it in order not to over-analyze myself and find that which lurks inside all men. But that’s obviously not the reason because I don’t know what lurks inside all men. Oh well.

My Halloween. We went to North Austin (Leander) to see how our house is coming along and to trick or treat in our soon-to-be new neighborhood (if they ever finish our house). Anyway, we get there, see that they’ve barely done anything new to the house since last week (but the cabinets are in the garage, that’s something! Great… now lets get them in the kitchen.)

By the time we were done walking through the house it was 4:30, 4:45. I had heard Martin Sexton was playing at 5:00 at a Borders Books somewhere in North Austin not too faraway. So we jumped in the car and headed for that. Of course, we had no idea where this Borders Books was other than the address. 10225 Research Boulevard. Great. Research Boulevard is also an expressway. Across from the Arboretum. Great. So where’s the Arboretum? So we’re driving down, and, of course, we get on the highway, so you can barely see any of the stores below. That makes it so much easier to find it. Yeah, right. We go down quite a bit and then pull into a Hobby Lobby so I can check the address again. Yep, 10225 Research Boulevard. We pull out of the Hobby Lobby parking lot onto the highway again and I get, “North or South?” How the hell am I supposed to know? It said 10225 Research Boulevard. No North, no South. Just 10225 Research Boulevard. So we start driving North again (back toward Leander) thinking we’ve probably already passed it. At first I didn’t agree with this, but then I said, “Hey, couldn’t see anything last time; so maybe if we stay on the access road I’ll find it this time.” But noooooo… we go a couple of miles north and then my dad turns back south. So now we’ve covered the same three miles of North Austin three separate times. Wonderful. Lets make a decision here people. So we go way South out into the uninhabited spaces of Austin. Past MLK; past any sign of being anywherenear a bookstore. Into the industrial district. Now by this time it’s 5:30. By the time we get back into civilized Austin it’s 5:45. I know it’s over. And I’m pissed. To make a long story short we end up finding it. Sexton is long gone. All that remains is a satisfied crowd before a stage in the middle of Borders drinking complimentary Shinerbocks and eating complimentary BBQ and pie. So, of course, I’m pissed because we would have found it had we not turned around South after starting back North.

So we get back in the car and are heading back to Leander to trick or treat when I hear my mom scream, “Oh, shit!” Thump! Another one of those moments of clarity like during the Biloxi wreck hits me… kind of a mental “Oh shit… here we go again.” Then I see what we hit go flying into the median and rolling on the ground. A dog? No, a deer. Six lanes of fucking traffic and we hit it. So we pull into a service station to check out the damage. Not too bad. Messed up the grill on my car and bent the hood down over the latch so it can’t be opened. I knew I should have changed the oil before we left.

As I walk into the service station to use the bathroom, I hold the door open for this older gentleman who asks, “Hey, do you live around here?”
I knew what was next.
“We just spent an hour looking for a bookstore. Don’t ask me anything.”
He laughed and said, “Okay, I guess I don’t want to ask you for directions.”
My Halloween.

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