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October 18, 1998
Ah yes, the wonderful smell of pseudo-intellectuals and true dumbasses. The pseudo-intellectual smell I’ve missed, hadn’t run into many lately. But, wow, Saturday night they came out full force all over the Internet. I think it’d be better if they knew that more people from that list thought they were all dumbasses, too, but unfortunately I’m the only one brave enough to speak up, I guess. So I will urge all of you truly smart people to join the Young Philosophers’ Organization. Where, if you’re not gay, or haven’t at least tried it, you don’t get email privileges. Basically, it’s a place where a bunch of alternateen wannabes with no life go to bash society and its negative effects on their anti-social existence.

But enough of them. How you have been? Well, it poured like hell here all last night and tornadoes were all over. Much fun. Dane said that radio in San Antonio reported that “literally hundreds of roads are closed.” So it was pretty bad. I didn’t hear many reports about road closings in Killeen, but Angie said they had closed quite a few.

So I guess it’s fairly obvious that I’m talking to Angie regularly now. We planned to do something this weekend, but with the rain… eh. I won’t get into that… I know you don’t care.

Oh, by the way, FUCK YPO!

When I say no, yeah, I mean no.

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