Time Lost to User Interfaces — #NoUI

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I didn’t know much of anything about design until I met Misty. I didn’t even know “interaction design” existed. I knew there were people who decided where knobs went on car dashboards, but beyond that, I had no idea there were people who actually designed the “user experience” rather than the “user interface” I was using. Now, I’ve read some books, learned to say, “Bad design!” when I can’t figure something out easily (like when the pull handle is on the wrong side of the door), listened and questioned Misty — all of which has led to my absolute expertise in this field.To Do Your Work You Sit At Your Desk And You Stare At This Tiny Little Rectangle. That frustrates me. --Bret Victor

A little over fifteen years ago, I remember reading someone saying that the time we spent waiting on computers to complete tasks used to be spent actually doing the task.

The World is Absurd: Trumping Daesh (Conclusion)

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We all know the candidates in the Republican presidential primary are running a clown show. But Donald Trump’s staying power doesn’t seem to be abating. (I write this as he, apparently, made some comment about a disabled reporter or something — maybe that’s what sinks him?) In fact, he’s scared away establishment donors:

More than a dozen interviews with high-profile GOP financiers revealed a pervasive confidence that the party’s rank-and-file voters will ultimately reject Trump’s brand of politics.

“He is going to implode himself,” said Frank VanderSloot, the chief executive of an Idaho nutritional-supplement company who is backing Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.). He said he recently turned down a funding request from a group seeking to run anti-Trump ads.

“It’s just going to take a little time for people to take a step back and look at his track record, see who he is and how he’s changed his positions and how unprepared he is to be president of the United States,” VanderSloot said.

I’d buy his position more if he hadn’t turned down the opportunity to help fund anti-Trump efforts.

The World is Absurd: Trumping Daesh

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We seem to have entered a world of true absurdities with no foreseeable end. Let’s take them one at a time.

All enemies foreign . . . 

Foreign Policy:

Location: Syria & Iraq

Key Players:

Daesh/ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State — Bloodthirsty terrorist group claiming to have created the new caliphate. It’s a splinter group from al Qaeda, the leadership of which considered its tactics too violent. You may remember it by its old name, al Qaeda in Iraq, or acronym, AQI. It has claimed territory in both Iraq and Syria with a capital based in Raqqa, Syria. It stretches from Iraq to Syria with branches elsewhere.

Free Syrian Army — Supposedly secular force opposed to the rule of Syrian President Assad (who everyone but the Russians and Iranians say has to go). They were the targets of our efforts to train native forces there. We see how that turned out — Daesh quickly captured graduates and weapons. There are questions about just how secular the FSA is. It is likely allied, to some degree, and has within its ranks members of Daesh.