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After working in Texas politics for so many years, it’s hard to live in a new state without having a better grasp of its laws, political personalities, power brokers, go-to guys and gals, et al. I asked this question in a New Orleans thread on reddit, and received, unfortunately, juvenile responses. I had to test it to see if it had any real use, though. Never been a redditor.

Anyway, it will be interested to learn more — when I’m not working and have a chance — about Louisiana and New Orleans politics and its personalities.

And who I need to start buttering-up.



2 Rich, 2 Poor

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This is a really interesting article. It’s a little heartbreaking, too.

To start, definitions:

The poverty line for a family of three is $20,090 a year. The median household income in America is $53,657. Politicians draw $250,000 as the line between the middle and upper classes. And the true starting point of real wealth remains a cool $1,000,000. We asked four more or less typical men, each of whom earns one of these incomes, to tell us about the lives they can afford. 

Crain’s looks at four separate guys who make $7.00 an hour (plus tips), $53,000 per year, $250,000 per year and $1 million a year.
Stuart Patience for Esquire

Obviously, the answer to their questions are interesting (otherwise, the story wouldn’t have been published, right?) and very thought-provoking.

Oak Second Line

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It’s been nice being back. Not that I’ve lived in here before, but the culture is much the same as Biloxi. Biloxi had less tourism and definitely fewer drunk people, but the heavy air that permeates everything and dampens the paper on which I write; the stumble-upon, crumbling history as notable for its mere continued existence as for its historical value; the tall, green trees and verdant gardens and honeysuckle along the sidewalks and in the random, frequent small parks; the mighty oaks with their bulging roots. The oaks I love. Magnolias, too, but oaks and I have a history. Except: The oaks have changed since I last spent any real time in the Deep South.

My friends and I climbed over what had been dubbed “The Old Oak” just inside Gate Six on Pass Road entering Keesler AFB in Biloxi. I hope it and the magnolia still stand even though the Air Force turned the neighborhood and adjoining kids’ park into a disc golf course. We would never climb it now.