The Way We Get By

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Misty is out of the game. She won’t even go outside now. She’s so convinced she’ll be killed if she steps outside to walk the dog. She thinks the people who moved into the apartment above us have built a meth lab. It is rather odd that they did all their construction (and I’m not certain why they’d be doing construction on their new apartment) throughout the night. I’ll give her that much.

It’s quiet now. At least until the explosion.

I understand her position and feelings after having an object thrown within millimeters of her face and hearing racist remarks yelled at her from a moving vehicle in front of the apartment. She was just walking Carl. She didn’t deserve that. And there’s no excuse for it. Racism is racism.

But you can’t let it end your life.


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Remembered, Wayback-machined and PDFed some old blog posts from late-college. 2005-2006.

The blog was on the Austin American-Statesman site when they first started playing with the platform. We were guinea pigs, coerced into it by the paper’s flamboyant culture editor Michael Barnes, our instructor at St. Ed’s.

I don’t feel like going and posting these all on the correct dates. At least not today. If you’re interested in reading or scanning them, you can down the entries here.

Started Off Kinda Professional / But Now This Shit Is Personal

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Sure, you all soldiers at home
But out here you can’t fake it
That’s why y’all
Ain’t here
Ain’t it?
It’s just easier to act 
Hard on credit
Than it is to make a payment

A little to add to Misty’s experience: